National Wheels

Code of Ethics

As a responsible digital publisher a code of ethics has been drawn by National wheels news channel for its members to protect constitutionally mandated freedom. Since every publisher has a complete editorial and content independence, the Hindi news portal does not involve itself in day to day operations of the publishers. Giving independence to all the publishers, The National wheels India does not interfere in the working of the publishers. The main motive of code of ethics is to outline high standards, ethics and practices in publishing news online and to protect the independence of journalists, content entities and publishers.

•             It is mandatory to verify pre-publication and to adhere to the laws and rules. They should maintain the highest standards of professional conduct. If there is any development in the news it should be updated appropriately with the date of update on the news item published.

•             If the news contain any false or inaccurate information it should be edited. The entire article should be deleted if entire news report is found to contain false information.

•             The prior permission is required to be taken in case of using copyrighted material. The payment should be made if permission requires the payment of fee or royalty. The prior permission needs to be taken for using Trade Marks and Service Marks of third party.

•             While reporting on sexual harassment in workplace, child abuse, rape, victims are minors, riots divorce, custody cases etc. special care needs to be taken. Sections 67, 67A and 67B of IT act, 2000 should be implemented carefully.