National Wheels


The National wheels provide an equal job opportunity to all the employees and prohibit any kind of discrimination and harassment. It provides an eco-friendly environment to all employees. There is no discrimination based on caste, color, creed, sex, race, religion, social or ethnic origin, national, age, marital, gender, any medical disease, mental or physical disability etc. Our news website accepts the application of all ages and does not tolerate any harassment or discrimination on any of the above characteristics.

To expand our Hindi news channel, we give the opportunity to those who are keen to learn, searching for their growth, and we have good leadership and teamwork quality. Our employees come together from different backgrounds to form a skillful team and a problem-solver platform. The Hindi news live is the most diversified media channel with interest in all the fields.

We are looking for employees who are talented, self-motivated, knowledgeable, good skill set and who will help in the growth of our online portal. We provide career opportunities to those who want to explore their profession and skills.